CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla

$379.00 USD
$379.00 USD
Material: Black+Orange

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CIGA Design X Series


Original X-form skeleton|4-corner suspension system|Double-layer case

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Package Includes

1 pc Gorilla watch

1 pc silicone strap

1 pc nylon strap

1 warranty card


CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series  X Gorilla

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla


CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla

Material: Black+Orange

Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Surprisingly Excellent

I came across the brand on Watch finder and co and couldn't resist the Black Friday sale. The watch is beautiful, nicely designed and well constructed. The packaging was surprisingly excellent and the gorilla watch stand was a nice addition I wasn't expecting. I was so impressed I bought two more watches including a Z series. If you're after something different give Ciga Design a go, don't write them off as just another 'Chinese Watch'. They are excellent. Recommended.

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla

The box of the watch is very big, very good, the workmanship of the watch is very good, and the look is very good! The gorilla 🦍 watch frame is very cute, very like 💕 recommended

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla

Appearance: domineering trend, double-sided hollow design is very good-looking
Strap material: the original strap is a black silicone strap, and then I bought a blue silicone strap, the material is very good, but also very breathable, long wear will not have a stuffy or uncomfortable feeling
Matching style: Fashion trends go with everything
Accuracy: Accuracy is not bad, a week to do a fine tuning, mechanical watches, not as accurate as electronic watches, after one or two weeks to do a fine tuning
Gift scene: As a birthday present to myself 🙂🙂🙂
Other features: The watch has four shock-absorbing springs around it, which is a very bright design and high playability, like the suspension of the SUV, the X element design is also very domineer, the luminous effect is also very good, very nice 🤩🤩🤩

Melvin Morales
Great craftsmanship

I wasn’t sure what to expect in regards to quality. I am very impressed with the movement and quality of the watch. Looking to purchase another piece from Ciga!

ismail ibrahim
Excellent colour...

hope to have more design for the rubber strap

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