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Buying A Watch

You can from cigadesign.com/pages/where-to-buy view to CIGA authorized by the Design of formal sales channels.

We stand behind and products, which is CIGA Design offers a warranty of 2 years from purchase. This warranty is for the original owner and is non-transferable. If you experience any issues due to defects in materials and workmanship, we’ll either repair or replace your watch. Your watch is meant to be taken in the water and used in daily life, so if your watch for some reason fails in the water during warranty period, you can reach out to us, and we’ll make it right - is critical that your crown is sealed during regular usage - if your crown is not sealed during water exposure, warranty will be voided.

To ensure the precision and reliability of its timepieces, CIGA Design submits each watch after assembly to a stringent series of tests. Our confidence in our rigorous quality assurance allows us to provide a two-year international guarantee on all new CIGA Design's watches purchased from one of the brand’s Official Official authorized shop.

Caring For Your Watch

You can help preserve its lustre by cleaning it occasionally with a microfiber cloth. You can also wash the case and bracelet (except leather straps) from time to time using soapy water and a soft brush. After wearing your watch in the sea, it is important to rinse it with fresh water to remove any salt and sand deposits. Before cleaning your watch, always ensure that the winding crown is screwed down properly against the case to guarantee waterproofness.

Automatic winding: There is no need to wind the watch if it is worn daily. As you move your wrist throughout your day, the Perpetual rotor transfers energy to the watch, providing a constant and stable power source. When you take it off and set it aside it can retain its charge for up to 40 hours, depending on the model. To get it going, simply wind the movement manually by unscrewing the crown to the winding position and turning it clockwise about 30-40 times. Please remember to screw the crown back down properly against the case in order to guarantee waterproofness.

Manually winding: Manually wound watches usually need to be wound every day or every few days, which helps keep the watch running and accurate. To get it going, simply wind the movement manually by unscrewing the crown to the winding position and turning it clockwise about 30-40 times. Please remember to screw the crown back down properly against the case in order to guarantee waterproofness.

CIGA Design's watches can be set by unscrewing the crown and pulling it out to the second notch. The seconds hand is stopped, allowing you to set the time. Turn the crown counterclockwise to adjust the time.

The mechanical watches we sell are powered by a Perpetual rotor inside the watch that gently swings as you move your wrist, transferring energy to the mainspring of the watch. If you take your watch off and set it aside it will retain its charge for about two days, depending on the model. To get it going, you simply have to wind the movement manually for it to run normally again. The quartz version of the R Series Danish Rose comes with a battery.

CIGA Design watches are waterproof at 3ATM. Watch 30 meters waterproof, refers to the general life waterproof, can only be worn to wash hands and face, and the splash can not be too large, it is not recommended to wear washing clothes and car wash, bathing, sauna, swimming and at the faucet. Occasionally washing vegetables, washing clothes, washing face, etc., encounter water, pick up in time to dry, continue to wear is OK.

Mechanical watches can not be placed in a place with high moisture for a long time, water molecules will enter the case through movement, which is difficult to achieve true waterproof no matter how much waterproof, please pay attention to use. If water enters the watch accidentally, remove the crown and leave it to dry for repair as soon as possible.

Your watch's movement will be influenced by your unique lifestyle and real-life usage. If you have any problems with your watch, please feel free to contact our official customer service center at support@cigadesign.com, which will advise you on all the technical aspects of your watch’s functions.

Maintaining Your Watch

In order to ensure the water resistance of the watch and the stability of the movement, you can send your watch to the local watch repair shop for testing. It is recommended to maintain your watch approximately every 5 years depending on the model and real-life usage.

The cost will depend on the type of servicing required and the state of the watch. Before every maintainance, the condition of your watch will be evaluated by CIGA Design-certified watchmakers and you will receive an estimate for your approval for the cost of the service procedure. Please contact support@cigadesign.com for more details.

A complete overhaul takes a minimum of 12-15 day depending on the condition of your watch. Before carrying out a service, a highly-skilled CIGA Design-trained watchmaker conducts a thorough diagnostic examination of your watch. After carefully examining the case and bracelet, the watchmaker extensively tests and inspects the movement to determine exactly what service procedures will be necessary to ensure your watch meets CIGA Design's stringent performance requirements. Please contact support@cigadesign.com for more details.

You can contact our customer service center support@cigadesign.com and provide your official authorized channels of purchase proof or order record to enforce your warranty rights.

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