Which one is the Prototype of Blue Planet?

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Embarking on a quest for design excellence, CIGA Design dares to challenge the status quo.

What is CIGA Design's philosophy?

We keep asking thought-provoking questions with the philosophy that design is the combination of the perceptual and the rational while thinking out of the box.

"What constitutes good design?"

"What makes a design truly exceptional"

"How can time be reimagined"

"How can time be expressed in innovative ways?"

"How does a watch tell time that is truly owned by the wearer?"


Through a relentless pursuit of answers

CIGA Design embarked on a journey of self-discovery,

unearthing fresh perspectives and unlocking new possibilities. 

Innovative time telling -

The birth of CIGA Design's first timepiece featuring a distinctive set of hands

Countless iterations and explorations -

CIGA Design evolved designs, pushing the boundaries of time-telling creativity.

The culmination of self-discovery

A masterpiece was driven by an insatiable desire to redefine horological expression: CIGA Design U Series Blue Planet with the groundbreaking "Asynchronous Follow-up Technology"