CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet - Gilding Version

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$1,899.00 USD
Style: Gilding Version

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A Golden Touch, A Timeless Heritage
CIGA Design evolves an all-new understanding of the Blue Planet. As a symbol of the enduring nature of eternity, gold has stood the test of time for millennia and mustn't be overlooked. With the debut of pure gold and masterful craftsmanship, the Blue Planet Gilded Age is a fusion of all the experience we have gained since creating the brand. It was born to be striking, both technically and aesthetically.

1. Challenge Watch Prize Winner of 2021 GPHG.
2. The intricate dial, crafted with micro-craving and multi-layer 24K gilding, reproduces the Earth in the same continent-and-ocean ratio and depicts the real altitude of the terrain.
3. A refine ceramic case with a sense of wholeness, lustrous finish, smooth & silky touch, resistance, and lightweight.
4. An innovative change makes the watch possible to indicate both the hour and minute with a single pointer.
5. Patented automatic calibre integrated by 30 jewels with a power reserve of 40 hours and a movement frequency of 28800 times/hour.
6. Booklet packaging and page-turning design, made of recycled material. Perfect style for collection or any gifting occasion.

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Package Includes

1 pc watch

1 pc ceramic strap

1 pc black flurorubber strap

1 pc warranty card

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet - Gilding Version

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet - Gilding Version


CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet - Gilding Version

Style: Gilding Version

CIGA Design X Nico Leonard

The No.1 watch expert with more than 1.7 million followers on Youtube.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Johann Caminada
Just Wow

The ceramic bracelet is a mess to shorten it . I recommend to go to a watchmaker. But the watch is just Wow, amazing piece, love it 😍

Giora Sluzky
Vincitore del Challenge Watch Prize del GPHG 2021 - Un Capolavoro di Design e Qualità

L'orologio CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet - Gilding Version non è solo un capolavoro di design e qualità, ma è anche il Vincitore del Challenge Watch Prize del GPHG 2021, un prestigioso riconoscimento che sottolinea l'eccellenza di questo prodotto.

**Design e Materiali:** Con la sua cassa in ceramica raffinata, il quadrante dorato e i dettagli minuziosi, questo orologio è un pezzo d'arte al polso. L'intricato quadrante, realizzato con micro-incisioni e doratura multi-strato 24K, riproduce la Terra con un rapporto continente-oceano realistico.

**Funzionalità:** L'orologio funziona perfettamente, con una riserva di carica di 40 ore e una frequenza di movimento di 28800 volte/ora. La tecnologia di trascinamento asincrono è innovativa e unica.

**Attrazione:** Questo orologio attira tanta attenzione e trasmette un valore ben superiore al suo costo. È un simbolo di eleganza e sofisticazione.

**Origine e Riconoscimenti:** Anche se l'azienda è cinese, questo orologio è un prodotto di livello internazionale. La vittoria del Challenge Watch Prize del GPHG 2021 ne è una chiara testimonianza.

**Conclusione:** L'orologio CIGA Design Blue Planet Gilding Version è un capolavoro assoluto. È un orologio assolutamente bellissimo che consiglio vivamente. Cinque stelle meritate per un prodotto che supera le aspettative in ogni aspetto, compreso il prestigioso riconoscimento che ha ricevuto.

Jun Arive
Stunning and Elegant Watch

This watch was elegantly made and such a conversation piece. Resizing is easy with proper tools. I was also able to get a 30% discount. Certainly one of my favorite buys this year. The customer service is also excellent. I hope that watch lasts for years.

Bruce M.
I love this watch

I am very impressed with the look of this watch on the wrist. It is really stunning. I am very happy I purchased it and would highly recommend it.

Jalal gaston Battikha

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet - Gilding Version

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