CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet

$1,899.00 USD
$1,899.00 USD
Material: 24K-Gold Gilding Version

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Series U Blue Planet

2021 GPHG Challenge Watch Prize Winner


Extra information about the Earth Day Edition

CIGA Design, in collaboration with The Earth Day Organization, has launched this special edition gift box to put environmental protection into action. lt combines the watch and pendant using environmentally friendly decoration.


1. Recycled titanium eco-friendly reflective case
The case is made of more expensive and more environmentally friendly recycled titanium material. Reduce carbon pollution, contribute your effort to protect our blue home. The case is polished and brushed to present a beautiful glossy texture.

2. EDO-Protect our Blue earth theme pendant
A continuation of the "Blue Planet"-themed custom necklace. The beauty of the planet is presented through the environmentally friendly glue-dropping process. Starting from this moment, take responsibility for our beautiful home.

3. Blue Planet - World Earth Day Limited Edition Logo on Bottom Cap
Environment friendly screen printing, environmental protection on the wrist.

4. World Earth Day Organization Logo Fluororubber Strap
Pliable and fitting, anti-microbial and wear-resisting dial Integrated color and natural texture strap.

5. Packaging is made of recyclable materials

lmplements the concepts of sustainable development in every detail.EDO exclusive logo and theme slogan.Upholding the ideal of “Proud to be part of the World Earth Day Or-ganizationAiming to become a brilliant opportunity for all to practice sustain-able development.

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Package Includes

1 pc watch

1 pc flurorubber strap

1 pc warranty card

1 pc earth pendant (Earth Day Edition Only)

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet


CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet

Material: 24K-Gold Gilding Version



Time originates from the earth revolution and rotation. A circle of the earth rotation represents a day in our lives, just like the earth engravement inside the dial, rotating hour by hour until the day past.
We use Micro-carving tech to rebuild the landform of our Earth. You can feel the greatness of the mountains, the ocean and other natural elements through this little earth on your wrist. And it also reminds us to protect the natural world on the Earth.
Size 46mm*46mm Excluding crown 46mm*46mm Excluding crown
Length 220mm 220mm
Case Thickness 15mm 15mm
Strap Size 22mm*20mm 22mm*20mm
Case Material Titanium Alloy Stainless Steel
Strap Material Fluorine Rubber Fluorine Rubber
Movement CIGA Design self-design movement CIGA Design self-design movement
Net Weight 72.43g With strap 95.5g With strap
Corrosion Resistance
Scratch Resistance
Technical Complexity
Running Time 40h 40h
Jewels 30 JEWELS 30 JEWELS
Accuracy -15±30s / Day -15±30s / Day
Waterproof Rating 3ATM 3ATM

Customer Reviews

Based on 198 reviews
One of the best and unique watches i have

i am an architect by profession. soo for me its not the brand that exits but the design and detailing of the product. and this watch is one of them. i was always skeptical of buying a Chinese product at such a high price being afraid of the quality of the product thinking is it worth spending such an amount on a Chinese product. but trust me guys you have built a confidence in me that not all Chinese products are bad , but there are Chinese products that deliver originality at the same time high quality Ciga Design is one of them. i can proudly say i own now 4 of your watches that include MY Series , Denmark Rose, QX Series and the GPHG winner Blue Planet Watch.
love your handwork and keep it up.

Stop thinking about it. Just buy!

My god this is a gorgeous watch! Everything from packaging to the watch itself. It’s amazing. The level of detail here is only rivalled by watches many times this watch’s retail.

محمد راشد عبدالرحمن المفتاح

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet

A beautiful watch

Well executed with a novel display of time. The “blue earth” on the center of dial is beautifully done. This watch is both a timepiece as well as an art piece…

Todd F
Novel and clever watch

I’m a watch collector, typically for higher-end pieces but also for ones that are unusual and tell the time differently. This one certainly hit that mark. It is keeping time accurately and certainly is unique! Very happy with it.

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