Blue Planet & Time

With the rotation and revolution of the Earth, time races towards the future moment by moment, influencing changes in nature. The dial of the Blue Planet is designed to simulate Earth's movement, with one rotation representing a day in our lives. In addition to its timekeeping design, the Series U Blue Planet features micro-carving techniques to reconstruct Earth's landscape. The mountains and oceans in the watch showcase the planet's wonderful charm and vitality. The Blue Planet brings innovative design and profound reflections on time and the environment, earning the 2021 GPHG Challenge Award.


Changing Times

The global COVID-19 pandemic has prompted profound reflections on humanity's relationship with Earth and how to coexist harmoniously with nature. CIGA Design realistically recreates Earth's topography to raise environmental protection awareness. Through this miniature globe on your wrist, you can feel the grandeur of mountains, oceans, and other natural elements. It also serves as a reminder to protect the natural world on Earth.

"Asynchronous Following" Technology

With the long history of the world's timepieces, traditional wristwatches have always used three hands—hour, minute, and second—with the hour hand turning 30° and the minute hand turning 360°. However, CIGA Design has pioneered "Asynchronous Follow Technology," allowing the hour hand (Earth) to rotate 30° and the minute chapter ring to rotate 390°, revolutionizing conventional timekeeping in wristwatches.


Our Design Journey

The journey of Blue Planet’s movement technology began in 2013 when the CIGA team launched the single-hand watch. This innovative watch, which uses a single hand to indicate both hours and minutes, was awarded the 'Best of the Best' 2013 Red Dot Award. In 2019, the Single-Hand Mechanical Wristwatch Series·Globe was unveiled, serving as the prototype for the Blue Planet watch. This watch featured a miniature globe dial to display time through Earth's rotation and was a finalist for the GPHG Challenge Prize.


Commitment to Environmental Protection

Inheriting the Blue Planet, we have focused more on environmental themes. The “Gilding Version” symbolizes the record of time in eternal and immortal gold, while the “Ice Age Edition” reflects a deep concern for fragile ecosystems. Moreover, we have incorporated environmental principles into our packaging, using thoughtful design to shape our consciousness. By showcasing exceptional designs and inspirations, the different versions of the Blue Planet inspire various interpretations of time and the environment.


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