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Founded in 2016, CIGA Design is committed to original and innovative design that redefines the wristwatch as a statement for new generations to express personality and beliefs through the philosophy that design is the combination of the perceptual and the rational while thinking out of the box.

Uniting an international team of designers, CIGA Design is born to lead in global watchmaking approaches. Over the past six years, CIGA Design has acquired more than 100 patents and accomplished 17 international design awards. In 2021, CIGA Design has been awarded as Top 3 Watch/Jewelry brands in Germany iF 2017–2021 with Apple and BVLGARI. In November, CIGA Design Blue Planet beat the Swiss watches as the winner of 2021 GPHG Challenge Watch Prize, well-known as the first GPHG winner from China. In 2022, the Blue Planet became the first-ever watch collected by the Museum of Art and History(Geneva).

The Chinese Watch Brand That Beat the Swiss

The New York Times

A poetic and potent example of watchmaking's continued global evolution


CIGA Design has quickly become a worldwide leader in design