CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet

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Time originates from the earth revolution and rotation. A circle of the earth rotation represents a day in our lives, just like the earth engravement inside the dial, rotating hour by hour until the day past.


We use Micro-carving tech to rebuild the landform of our Earth. You can feel the greatness of the mountains, the ocean and other natural elements through this little earth on your wrist. And it also reminds us to protect the natural world on the Earth.

Size 46mm*46mm Excluding crown 46mm*46mm Excluding crown
Length 220mm 220mm
Case Thickness 15mm 15mm
Strap Size 22mm*20mm 22mm*20mm
Case Material Titanium Alloy Stainless Steel
Strap Material Fluorine Rubber Fluorine Rubber
Movement CIGA Design self-design movement CIGA Design self-design movement
Net Weight 72.43g With strap 95.5g With strap
Corrosion Resistance
Scratch Resistance
Technical Complexity
Running Time 40h 40h
Jewels 30 JEWELS 30 JEWELS
Accuracy -15±30s / Day -15±30s / Day
Waterproof Rating 3ATM 3ATM

Customer Reviews

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Abbie Ong
A superior quality master time piece

A subtle piece of contemporary art jewelry you'd wear & proudly owned without any understatement..

Mohamed A.
Beautiful watch, brilliant complication, quality finish

I have added the Blue Planet watch to my large watch collection. The fact that this is the first non-Swiss watch I add to my collection summarizes how brilliant and beautiful this watch is: the quality, finishing, details, design, complication, etc. of this timepiece put it above the pack! Everything in this piece of art is well thought of, including the packaging.
One small thing that can be improved upon: the minutes indicators can be slightly bigger or more contrasted to improve quick legibility.
Will definitely be acquiring more pieces from this brand. Ciga Design has just made another enthusiast.

Stephen White
Functional Art, and fantastic packaging just to ice the cake!

This is first of all a stunngly impressive blend of art and functionailty. Not only does it tell a story and draw the eye, but it ofers a novel and reliable simple wrist-watch function. So afr, the movement has proven to be very reliable and coinsistent with little to no deviation even approaching the leeway offered by the specs' stated parmeters. It's inceredibly comfortable and I can confirm thatwhilt the case is indeed larger, as several reviews mention, the lugless desisgn and ovoid plain more than contrast, making for a piece that looks large but wears much smaller.

Being hugely over crticial, the crown could do with some rounding on the case facing edge, but then again, at what cost when it comes down to being able to easily pull the crown out...? I can see the deisre for some sort of illumination but I would argue that the watch is really not presenting a movement and dial that would be sympathetic to any sort of spot applied illumination. I'm not sure just exactly which touch points of lume you'd go for that would actually help you read the time in the dark. You'd proably need a backlit OLED or consistent light source that lights the whole dial. I imagine the dial markers and globe compass are too intricate and small to benefit from any useful application of lume...

The main draw here is obviously the "Globe" and this is the outrageous gamble that pays of brilliantly. It would have been simple to just print a globe on a semi-sphere and call it a day. However it's the built up etched and machined topography that just launches this watch into the realm of the wonderful and attractive. The attention to detail all over is fantastic. I'm a sucker for a mechanical watch that gives you a good view of the mechanism, and the saphire window on the backside of the case is just exactly the right size to draw the eye but not distract from the main course overleaf. Even the award logo and graphic "belongs" there, because it deserves to be and it should be proudly acknowledged.

The strap on the Titanium model is soft and light, and once more a small but esential detail, an excellent colour choice to compliment the watch. It's a muted "not quite Navy" and compliments the flecked satin ocean on the dial.

Above all, it's fun! It's novel, it's fun, it's exceptioanlly well made and put together. It's a not so subtle yet never tacky statement piece that draws the eye and never fails to ellicit approving comments when folks ask to take a look. And finally, the Titanium is a great price price and afords that extra degree of toughness and a tad less weight. Make sure you speak to the folks in their Sales department, You may (or may not) be able to negotiate a friendly dicount, especially if you're a first time customer.

In summary, don't think twice. If it's in your budget and you enjoy novel and intricate workings, just get it. It's beautiful, it wrks really, really well, it's different, and did I mention it's beautiful? It's beautiful... Just in case I forgot to say so. Enjoy!

(Typed in the wrong glasses and no spellcheck used. Apologies in advance. |If I come across as a moron, then that's probably warranted, but not because I can't see much more than a blur right now!) :-)

Honest review

Couldn't get my eyes off from it. Love it. Just that minute's r difficult to read. Probably a.radium or illumination in datk would help a lot. Definetly not something to wear late datk hours
But i love it. The craftsmanship and the mechansim. I bought it it's a masterpiece.

Hayati Eroz
Not just watch, it’s an art piece

I would like to share my thoughts on this wonderful and eye-catching watch – it's truly excellent. I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it. Every detail is superbly crafted and well thought out. I highly recommend it.