Anniversary Date: August 19th (UTC-8:00)

It's the 6th year since CIGA Design was founded, we've created watches that were recognized by our customers and the watchmaking industry, but the best part is always having you around!

What we've prepared for you in this anniversary?

Limited Offers With Exclusive 20% Off 

During the anniversary period, we've prepared limited 20% off for every watch series, join us to win your own special exclusive 20% off discount!

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Wonderful Giveaway Prize Awaiting!

1st Prize, 1 Winner

A Free Order Chance Up To $2000!

2nd Prize, 3 Winner

A C+86 CIGA Design Watch, this is a collection, not for sale.

3rd Prize, 10 Winner

Your name lasered on the watch you ordered! Customize your own watch!

How to Join this celebration

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