CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series M Magician


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Karl Bhesania
What a beautiful watch

I can only admire what a beautiful watch this is. Amazing craftmenship

Amy Lynn
Nicely Designed Watch

Very nice presentation for an exquisite watch. Watch comes in a holographic looking box-booklet with 'Magician' on the front and the inside has raised silver text/words that contrast nicely against the black backdrop. The box is a little work of art in itself.. inside is the watch which is nicely presented alongside three different cases you can choose from along with a band. The strap is comfortable and goes well with the watch. The craftsmanship is excellent and the watch is fascinating to look at on both the front and back. Has nice attention to detail. Nice to add to any collection. The back also has a 'find Magician hidden code' in the package and Ciga will send you a gift if you can figure it out. Overall- it's a great watch with a classic yet unique look.

E. Cooper
Fantastic timepiece that doesn't fail to delight!

Lemme just say...I LOVE THIS WATCH. I love it like I've loved no other watch before and I've had a few. The Rolex pales in comparison to this watch. I love how you can change out the shape of the bezel, even though I have no real intention of ever doing so because I think it looks amazing in the one I chose from the beginning. I love how well it fits my small wrist and doesn't swallow it up with extra strap and face and lights and other gewgaws that just distract attention away from the beautifully crafted skeleton works inside. I love that I have to wind it and set the time every time because I don't wear it every day and I can't figure out where to put the giant watchwinder I got the other day. I love that there is a mystery to it and I can't figure it out yet. I love the straightforward simplicity and elegance of it and that it is a kick ass timepiece.

I like to show it off

The value of money this watch saves you is amazing. It comes with three bezel styles. The lugs fit any 20mm bracelets/straps. The crown makes it easy to crank/wind. The craftsmanships of this watch is incredible. I love how every thing from the balance, to the mainspring barrel is visible to show off the meticulous craftsmanship is. I like how this watch sets itself apart by not using a traditional second hand, it uses what seems like another center wheel top side. For this price you get three watches. No one can tell they're the same watch, unless you let them in on the secret. Don't sleep on Ciga this is a beautiful watch.

Amazingly Innovative!

This watch is more than a watch, it is a very unique product.
The presentation comes in style of a box that is a book and with 3 interchangeable cases.
One can see through the movements front to back, and back to front.
The night glow is awesome and the gear if fully illuminated.....WOW, FANTASTIC.
Changing the Watch band involves a clever design push button.
Very innovative.